About Me



My name is Michelle Sherriff. I started this blog in February 2017, at the age of 30 and 36 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I live in a town called Chester-le-Street in County Durham, North East of England.

I’m happily married to my husband Liam Sherriff and we’ve been together 10 years.

My blog ‘The Modern Mum Diary’ is about my pregnancy and my transition into becoming a mum but staying ‘modern’ in a sense that I still have my social life. I am quite an opinionated person when it’s needed – you’ll actually find this within my blog posts, however I’m the complete opposite of some other ‘mummy’ blogs and the people behind them that I’ve found on the internet.

I believe every mum is different in how they cope with things and this blog is just about my experiences and how I will try to be the best mum possible!

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog…


Chelle xx