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My name is Michelle Sherriff, I’m 31 years old and I’m a mum to the most amazing boy in the world – Layton David Sherriff. I live in a town called Chester-le-Street in County Durham, North East of England. I’m currently training to be a Makeup Artist after taking Voluntary Severance from my full-time job at Durham University whilst on maternity leave. I’m also a qualified Personal Trainer but don’t do this anymore due to wanting to spend my time with Layton! I met my husband Liam (of 4 years) 10 years ago on a girly holiday in Zante. We met on the first day and we’ve been together ever since.

IΒ started this blog in February 2017, at the age of 30 – I was 36 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I started this blog to write aboutΒ my pregnancy as well as the transition in becoming a mum. I’ve called it ‘The Modern Mum Diary’ because I feel I’m a ‘modern mum’ or I like to think so as I still have a social life but also feel I’m an amazing mum to Layton. I am quite an opinionated person when it’s needed – you’ll actually find this within my blog posts and I feel my blog is really different to other mummy bloggers out there because of how honest and to the point I am.

I believe every mum is different in how they cope with things and this blog tells you about my experiences.

If I ever offend in any way, I do apologise as I certainly don’t mean to – I’m just a very passionate but opinionated person and I’m hoping my blog will be enjoyed by other mums in the world, as well as people who are planning on having a baby…I’ll tell you the truth and not beat around the bush!

Michelle x


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