Artventurers CBeebies Messy Play

Layton went to his first messy play session on Friday which was ran by a company called Artventurers and it was really good! It was a session on Friday based at Lobley Hill Community Centre!

The lady who ran it was absolutely lovely – she knew exactly what she was doing and talking about – plus she loved Layton! I was first to arrive and with it being my first messy play with Layton, she talked me through everything!

I went with my friend Nicola and her gorgeous son Joey who’s recently just turned one – he was so cute and hilarious! He was walking/nearly running around (his walk is so cute and funny as he holds his hands up in the air when walking) and got Nic in a mess with paint etc. 

Layton played dress ups which was clss as I managed to get some good pics! He went in the pink foam – thank god it was edible as he kept putting it in his mouth! He played in the oat pit and painted a picture of daddy (well I did haha) – loved it and I think I actually had more fun than Layton! 

What really made the day special though was that Layton sat up unattended for the first time! He’s been doing it quite a bit since – still having to watch him but his balance and stability is coming on so well – so proud of my beautiful boy! 

This was a one off session in the summer holidays so I’m going to look for another messy play session to take him to every week, along with his water babies which starts back up next week (eeeeek can’t wait!) and his Little Lights play group in Durham (again which should start up this week or next). I love taking him to lots of different activities as I really believe it helps with his development but it’s also a fantastic way to bond with your baby rather than just sitting at home!

If anyone knows of any messy play sessions aimed at 6 month old babies around Chester-or-Street/Durham/Washington please let me know as it’s definitely something I’d like to do weekly with Layton! 


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