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Little Learners Sedgefield Summer Festival

This weekend I took my little boy Layton to the Little Learners Sedgefield Summer Festival and we had such a lovely day! We went with my husband for a family day out and we had such a lovely time! 

However – I am a very honest person and my blog is very honest so I thought I’d actually write a constructive review on it!

So the event was outside and ran from 11am -3pm. Mr and my husband decided to go for 11am as the only suitable activities for my 5 month old baby were being Rabat 11.30am. We decided to go to Kalma Baby which I thought was fantastic! The lady running the group was really engaging and Layton loved it! It was so good that I’ve decided to hunt out these classes so I can take Layton to them! We did a little bit of baby dancing, baby exercises and sing along songs to yoga…Layton loved it!

It was outdoors on some foam mats with cushions so it was really comfortable! I was a little bit paranoid about the sun on Layton so I was smothering him in factor 50 sun lotion but that was my paranoia of course! They did have a tent to move it indoors if the weather decided to change however which was well planned!

After this we decided to have a look around the stalls – some were really good such as the Little Oeuf which is a quirky children’s clothing brand…the owners were lovely! There was a little book stand which was lovely as I bought a holiday tin for our family holidays that contain cards for games of some sorts – Layton’s a bit too young for them at this moment in time but we’ll definitely use them in future! A couple of stands we didn’t go to as they weren’t useful for us but they seemed to gather some attention!

After this we checked out the messy play – this is my first criticism – it was too spaced out and I didn’t find the inflatable pools helpful as it was a bit too manic! There wasn’t enough there and it was really hard to get Layton involved in it…I think if it was all in a big row with more assistants it would have worked better but it was t really useful for us which I was gutted about as I think Layton would have loved it as he’s at that stage where he’s exploring everything! 

I loved that there was space for a picnic! Me, Liam and Layton had a lovely picnic on the grass – this was our first family picnic and we loved it but being in England the weather is shocking…it started raining really heavy! This is totally nothing to do with Little Learners – they cannot control the weather but I think it would have been useful to have a big marquee or tent because of this! As a result we decided to go home after grabbing a quick coffee inside!

All I all – I paid £1 for the event as Layton was under 5 months when I booked it…so it was a good couple of hours out as a family! However if I had paid the £8 for over 5 months…I don’t think I would have been really happy! There were some events on but I don’t think there was enough…having a lite fun fair would have been good and definitely more catering options for those who didn’t bring a picnic. Also perhaps some more activities would have been good such as balloon making/magic or even a kiddies disco of some sort? 

I think the event would have benefited with more signposts inside too as I couldn’t find the email with the schedule of events for the day…I think if it was signposted more I would have probably stayed. I think the event was good but the venue wasn’t right as everything was too spaced out!  

I’m definitely going to try some of the Little Learners baby classes but I’d give the event yesterday a 7 out of 10!


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