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It’s Good To Have A Break

A couple of weeks ago I went on a mini break for 3 nights with a few friends – no specific reason but just to let off some steam! I went to Benidorm which isn’t a place for a break but more partying – which is what I did! Being completely honest – I booked the holiday very early on when I had Layton when his Reflux was at it’s worst. Liam was working away loads – sometimes he was gone for 3-4 nights in a row and I was on my own! Liam was only able to take a week off (if that) when Layton was born due to owning his own company so he managed to have a bit of rest bite whilst it was non-stop for me! I’m not saying it’s bad thing but as you’ll read from my previous blog posts, Reflux is constant…constant crying, constant sickness as well as non-stop pain and discomfort for my poor boy…I was desperate for some rest bite…so I booked onto a mini holiday with some friends to one of my favourite places!

Straight after booking the holiday I regretted it. I didn’t want to go! The two girls I was travelling with didn’t really know each other very well so I couldn’t cancel because it would ruin their holiday. I kept getting myself upset, feeling like a really bad mum for leaving my baby boy for 3 nights! I didn’t post about it on Social Media on the run up (which I always do)…so I kept it quiet! I didn’t even tell my two two friends how I felt – just that I was nervous about leaving Layton! I didn’t even pack my suitcase until the evening before I was due to fly – which is not like me as I usually pack a month or two in advance! 

Anyway, I went and I had such a fab time! I cried at the airport and literally FaceTimed my husband nearly every hour to see Layton but I really enjoyed the break! Although I pretty much let my hair down and consumed so much alcohol day and night – I still had some time around the pool to top up my tan and relax! I was super excited to see Layton when I got home – I wouldn’t put him down!

I can honestly say though that I needed it and I don’t feel like a bad mum for going away! I know Layton’s only 4 months but he was with his dad (my husband) and his nana (my husband’s mum)…we’ve even decided that we can both let our hair down once a year with a mini break away with our friends…so now it’s a decision between Benidorm with the girls again for 3 nights or Marbella!!

Here’s some pics of my holiday:


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