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Early Weaning

OK so before I get attacked by the weaning police I would just like to point out that we have been advised by a Paediatrician to start weaning Layton early because of his reflux. I am his parent and it’s ultimately my decision and it the decision I’ve made and it’s made a world of difference!

Firstly, my son Layton has been suffering with a very severe reflux since he was 3 weeks old! He’s been suffering with projectile vomiting as well as the acid burn! We’ve managed to sort of fix the vomiting by using Aptimil Reflux Milk but even the Rinitidime (1.5ml x3 a day doseage) isn’t fixing the acid burn he suffers with! He’s been in and out of Tree Tops in Durham Hospital as well as the GP (which I’ve found useless by the way) and after many trips, we’ve been advised early weaning may be the only solution now as this will help improve the issue! It was overall my choice and I was given the option to hold out for another 4 weeks however being the expert when it comes to my son – I know he’s ready for it! He’s a VERY hungry baby – he was born massive at 9lbs 3oz and he’s now on 8oz of formula every 4 hours – although he’s not really lasting 4 hours as you can’t fill him up! He’s really advanced – he’s never really been a baby as he’s had strong head support from day 1 and although he’s only 14 weeks old, he’s able to sit in a bumbo seat without any problems as well as bounce in his jumperoo! He’s actually very strong on his legs as well as well as being very aware and inquisitive! Β I am positive he’ll sit up and crawl earlier than normal!

As a mum I couldn’t bare to see him in anymore pain and as early weaning was the best option – I took it! He’s actually managing really really well – he understands swallowing and he knows the difference between food and milk! I’ve been weaning Layton for around 2 weeks now and the difference I’ve seen is crazy! The non-stop crying (or screaming) has dramatically reduced…he’s much happier and smiles loads and I’m not having to constantly pace the room with him on my shoulder to settle him!

I understand that we don’t know the full effects off early weaning BUT I was early weaned at 10 weeks, as was my sister, my husband and all of his siblings as well as many of my friends and we are ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ½. A few of my friends who have recently had babies have early weaned due to reflux also and the improvement they have seen in their babies made my mind up! I want a happy baby and not one in constant pain!

We’re taking it really slowly by introducing baby porridge and baby rice/rusks but so far so good! I’m really enjoying it actually and so is Layton as he’s MASSIVE! He’s literally the size of a 6 month old baby!

So at the minute Layton’s getting Aptimil Organic Creamy Banana Baby Porridge for breakfast with his milk, then a normal bottle of milk for his lunch (around 4 hours later), then it’s his tea so he’s getting a rusk mixed with his milk – plus the remaining bottle! He then gets a full bottle 4 hours later and then he seems to sleep through until 4-6am in the morning when he gets another bottle! I think I’m going to keep him on this routine for a while before introducing more solids as he’s definitely not ready for that but he’s doing really well! I’ll soon introduce blended vegetables – I’m excited for this!

My favourite part of weaning is the routine I have Layton in as he know when he’s getting food when he goes in his Bumbo! I sit him in it in front of the tv and put his baby cartoons on and he has such a little buzz unless I’m not feeding him fast enough – then he throws a little temper tantrum!

Let me know if you’ve early weaned and share your experiences! Some advice on what to do next would be great and much appreciated!


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