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Water Babies 

So I signed Layton up for Water Babies a couple of weeks ago and so far he’s had two sessions which have been fantastic! I’m taking Layton on a Wednesday morning every week and it runs for a total of 10 weeks (for the first level).

The first session we went to was great apart from getting Layton ready for the class. I arrived 20 minutes early in order to get Layton and me ready in our swim suits so we didn’t miss any of the class! Layton decided he wanted to have a major kick-off whilst getting him ready which got me really flustered as I found it really hard to get him into his wet suit when he was screaming – we ended up being late for the class but as soon as I got him into the water he absolutely loved it! In the first session we danced our babies around in the water but the main event was having them go under water for the first time! My heart literally sank as I was totally worried but Layton did amazing!! We’re teaching them to be prepared to hold their breath by saying “Layton…ready…go!” – we pause and then basically cover their face in water! 

The second session was much easier as I took Liam with me so it really helped when trying to get Layton into his wet suit – it took a lot of pressure off me – plus Layton wasn’t kicking off this time! He went under water again – this time I put him under water which was scary but again he loved it! 

Originally when I was quoted the price I thought it was quite expensive for 10 sessions – each only 30 minutes – £150! Then because we’re not in a hydro-pool you need a wet suit as well as the happy nappy (which I bought from Water Babies) at £35 altogether! After pulling out £185 I thought it was quite steep BUT having attended two of the classes and seeing how Layton is in the water and knowing the skills he will learn so young it is totally worth it and I’d recommend it to everyone!


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