Immunisation Injections and Reflux

So Layton had his immunisation injections today and it was awful! I took my mother in law as Liam is away for work for moral support, although it ended up being Linda holding Layton for the injections and I blocked my ears and turned away! I felt like such a bad mum but if I saw it I would have been no good! I would have been crying my eyes out seeing him in pain! He was screaming after so it must have hurt him 😦

After the jabs I took Layton out for the day in Durham with my mum as the weather has been lush and I ended up spending a fortune on him on clothes as I felt bad! I also have a shopping obsession for him as I love him looking trendy! I’ll have to pretend some of the clothes are gifts from my baby shower as he’ll be annoyed that I’ve been buying even more clothes that he’ll probably only wear once! Whoops! Ssshh! 

Anyway Layton was quite unsettled throughout the day and I felt totally in the spotlight like a rabbit in headlights because everyone was looking! In Costa I felt all eyes on me because I really couldn’t settle him – plus I was with my mum who speaks as though she’s shouting through a fog horn! Anyone who knows my mum knows she talks extremely loud – like waaaay louder than me and this can be embarrassing haha! He’s definitely settled now though and is fast asleep (touch wood).

Other than the jabs Layton’s reflux has finally improved! It is still bad through the day but he’s been much better through the night! A couple of weeks ago we had to take him into Tree Tops in Durham Hospital overnight again as he was screaming for hours and hours for a good 5 days solid! The paediatrician increased Layton’s Ranitidine dosage to 1.333ml x 3 a day. He was originally on 0.4ml so it obviously wasn’t touching the sides as the dosage has been tripled. Since then though (touch wood) it’s got gradually better and he seems to be a much more settled baby compared to how he was! I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel! 

I can’t wait for the reflux to totally disappear though! 


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