The Reflux Update…

So if you’ve been following my blog and my Instagram page you’ll know that my son Layton is currently struggling with what we believe is Reflux and a possible milk allergy. Originally Layton was projectile vomiting his feeds (whether breast milk or formula) – all of them, so he went on to Aptamil Anti-Reflux milk which stopped the vomiting but made no difference to Layton’s uncomfort after feeds! Layton thrashes about when lying flat or elevated and makes a lot of noise which wakes him up – sleep is pretty much non-existent for me unless someone takes him for a few hours so I can go to bed! After seeing the Health Visitor anyway, Layton was put on a prescription milk called Nutramigin Lipil which he wouldn’t take (it was absolutely vile) as he vomited it all back up and actually made him even more uncomfortable! Gaviscon sachets caused extreme constipation and made no difference whatsoever so they weren’t very good! 
After being back and forth at the doctors, Layton is now on Cow & Gate Pepti Junior along with Cow & Gate Carobel which he seems to be keeping 11 out of his 12 feeds down every day (apart from a tiny bit of sick) but he does projectile vomit one of the feeds back up – it’s like clockwork! His constipation has gone – his poos are now like poo bombs! He’s also on Ranitidine but I haven’t seen it make a massive difference either but he hasn’t been on it long enough yet! 

He’s been on the Pepti Junior for coming up 2 weeks now so we’re happy to keep him on this because I’m very reluctant to keep swapping and changing things as he’ll have such a sensitive stomach and all of this change cannot be good for him but at the same time I’m not 100% convinced it’s a milk allergy as the thrashing is still massively there! The next step is to see a Peadiatrician or for us to spend a couple of nights in Tree Tops again to be observed overnight (which I’m actually going to push for) because it’s the only way they’ll actually see what’s going on and hopefully get to the bottom of it!

I find myself getting really envious of mums who have babies who literally just eat and sleep…and it’s awful! One minute you’re so happy to have this bundle of joy in your arms but then at 3am and non-stop screaming and crying for 2 hours you are miserable, regret doing it (even though you really don’t) and just want the put your baby back where he came from. You do instantly regret wishing that though and after speaking to other mums (especially those with Reflux babies), it’s totally normal! Sleep deprivation is like torture and can make you miserable – the arguments me and Liam have in the middle of the night (we never argue) are horrendous and it’s all down to be being tired because we are best friends again the next day haha! 

My Health Visitot is back to see me on Wednesday so fingers crossed I see more of an improvement by then, if not then I’ll be pushing for further investigation! I also have a check up call from the Doctor for an update on Layton’s progress on the 5th May.

If you have experience with reflux and babies, I would love to hear about your journey and find out what worked for you or didn’t…or even if you’re currently going through the same thing now it would be great to compare! 😊


2 thoughts on “The Reflux Update…

  1. pleased your keep pushing michelle honestly i was in exactly same position as you with connor he was on the rinitide it takes a while to work but just keep going things will get better and easier having no sleep is a nightmare me and connors dad had to do shifts in the end (he kept connor down stairs at night and i had him through the day) my mam was a great help aswell xx

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  2. I don’t have a lot of advise. We’re in the throws of it currently. I don’t have any other people around who’ve had a baby with reflux. Thank you so very much for writing your third paragraph from the bottom…it helps to know everything isn’t just us!

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