Prescription Milk – Will It Work? 

I honestly didn’t think I could ever feel so sleep deprived and emotionally exhausted – it’s beyond being shattered now…it’s literally torture! 

I totally understand all mums go through this with a newborn and I am no exception at all but there are definitely some mums out there that have ‘textbook babies’ that sleep really well, take normal feeds and are quite settled…and then there are mums like me who have reflux babies! 

Layton is definitely no textbook baby and here’s why:

1) Bad reflux – Layton was really suffering with this. I had to give up breast-feeding as he developed it really bad to the point he was projectile vomiting every single feed back up. I’m not talking about a little bit of sick – I’m talking the whole lot and going as far as a couple of metres! We’ve put him on Aptimil Anti-Reflux which is working well as his feeds are staying down and his weight was 11lbs 4oz at his 4 week weigh-in so he’s definitely thriving! But he suffers with laying on his back – I’m guessing he’s getting the acid burn feeling after feeds which must be really uncomfortable! 

2) As a result of having this special milk, he’s majorly suffering with constipation! He’s either not poo’ing or his poo’s are hard yellow balls and I can clearly see he’s in pain when trying to push it out as sometimes he cries bless him! I’m currently giving him cooled boiled water in between feeds to try and help soften up his poo but I’m not seeing a good result just yet…

3) Wind – he majorly suffers with it – were winding him for at least an hour after each feed and even then 90% of the time he’ll need re-winding an hour later as he really struggles to get it up! We’ve tried Infacol, Gripe Water and Colief to no avail! 

To top it off, my poor baby has a cold and is struggling with a blocked nose which is hard during feeds! I’m currently using Saline Drops to help decongest him which is helping but when your baby is going through all of these things at once it’s awful! He’s also suffering from a spot like rash which is apparently down to the milk! 

Night times have been extremely hard as we really struggle to settle him as he feels uncomfortable all of the time…when he wakes up for a feed, he’s fed, winded and sometime will not go down to sleep – he’ll lie there awake making noises as though he’s really uncomfortable…

Me and my husband have been arguing quite a lot as a result of it as we’re so sleep deprived – especially when Layton is screaming at the top of his lungs at 3am in the morning! We argued last night again which resulted in floods of tears because I’m feeling so low…

After seeing the Health Visitor (nearly breaking down in tears) and GP today, Layton has been prescribed formula milk that is called ‘Nutramigen Lipil’ – a hypoallergenic formula which is formulated for the dietary management of cows milk allergies, soya (protein) allergies and lactose intolerance. The tins are tiny and really expensive (although on prescription – therefore free of charge). Apparently doctors give these out as a last resort. 

We’re hoping this will make a difference as he struggles to settle, so fingers crossed we see an improvement soon! It absolutely stinks and I can imagine it doesn’t taste nice at all but Layton’s taking it and so far after 2 feeds he’s kept it down (although the first ounce on the first bottle he did sick back up)…

The things you would do to take away any pain or suffering from your baby! Give me back my heartburn and acid reflux any day in order for him to feel normal! 

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! 


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