Labour Pains…our baby Layton has arrived! 

Layton David Sherriff was born 5.12pm weighing a whopping 9lbs 3oz on 10th March 2017 and I can honestly say – it was the BEST day of my life! 

Anyone who tells you that contractions and pushing doesn’t hurt are complete liars…sorry…but they are! Regardless of what pain threshold you may have – NOTHING can prepare you for when those contractions come! 

I’m going to tell you the whole story – gory details and everything because I had a very very traumatic labour and I’m not going to fluff it and say you forget the pain because 1 week later – I can still remember it but it was worth every single second! 

By the way I’m writing this with my spare hand with Layton latched onto my boob as I’m breast feeding! I’m actually going to write a blog post on breast feeding in a week or so so keep an eye out for that guys! 

So I had my first sweep on Saturday 4th March by my midwife at home and I was told I was 2-3cm dilated! I was in early labour! I was totally emotional! The midwife said she can’t see me making it past the weekend as my mucus plug was coming away, my cervix was wafer thin and she could put her fingers all the way around his head! I started getting back ache and braxton hicks – I had baths, went for walks (4 miles in one day), bounced on my ball and had hot curries! I even made my poor husband have sex with me to see if we could get the baby moving – Liam wasn’t overly keen about doing it because our baby’s head was really low and he just felt weird – plus a typical man thinking his willy would cause some damage because of the size haha! All in all I got my own way, probably scarred Liam for life but it didn’t work. 

I had my second sweep the following Tuesday on the 7th March. The midwife was honsmacked that I hadn’t already given birth. I bled a little bit and was told I was now 3-4cm dilated! Surely he must come today I was thinking! The back ache returned along with the braxton hicks – nothing though. The midwife booked me in to be induced on Tuesday 14th March. I was gutted – I didn’t want to wait that long…but I decided that was my date – he’d be here then because he just didn’t want to make an early appearance! 

4.30am came on Friday 10th March 2017 when I felt a massive pop in my tummy, like a balloon had popped – it hurt. I then started getting a period style pain. I woke my husband up and I remember saying ‘you had me up all night because of you working in bed on your stupid laptop – if this is labour I’m going to kill you because I’m exhausted’. Yep! I was pissed off ha! 15 minutes later the contractions came and they came thick and fast! The first one knocked me to the floor and they were getting worse! We went straight to the hospital as they were only 5 minutes apart! 

I started pushing at 3.30pm for an hour but because he was so big it was impossible for me to get him out – I was exhausted and I only had gas and air! We had to have emergency forceps in theatre where they had to give me a spinal and he was born 5.12pm. I remember looking st him thinking OMG he’s massive – nothing will fit him! 

I cried – Liam cried…it took a little while for me to be able to properly hold him as I tore internally and I had to be cut externally so stitches were needed. I lost 1 1/2 litres of blood and needed 2 units of blood via transfusion – I am still to this day covered in bruises. It looks as though poor Liam has been whacking me about. I pushed so hard, I gave myself 2 black eyes which the nurses and doctor couldn’t believe. My wrist is black from my transfusion and my arms are black and blue from the amount of times they had to take my blood!

I stayed in hospital two nights in total – I should really have stayed in longer as I wasn’t in a good way but I wanted to be home with Liam and Layton – they discharged me but I think they would have preferred me to stay another night or two! 

One thing I will definitely remember is how amazing my husband was this day…he was there holding my hand and kissing me through every single contraction. He helped me to the toilet, passed me water, lip balm and did everything I asked. The midwives even commented on our relationship and how amazing Liam was and that they’ve never seen a man actually step up the way Liam did as they normally tend to pace or be the one sat in the corner or grabbing the coffees because they don’t know what to do. Liam has seen me lose my dignity – checked my stitches, wiped my bum when I go for a poo to make sure everything is ok down there – I’ve fallen in love with him more than ever and what makes it even more perfect is that we have our little boy Layton who is just beautiful in every single way! 

My life is literally complete – nothing matters but Liam and Layton in my eyes now…


One thought on “Labour Pains…our baby Layton has arrived! 

  1. Wow now that’s a tough labour this will make you stronger than ever now you have been through this. Motherhood is amazing nothing matters but your family from now on you will care less about things you used to. Hes gorgeous and I’m so happy for you. You will be an amazing mother he’s a lucky boy 🙂 xxxx


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