37 Weeks Makes me FULL-TERM!


So today I am 37 weeks pregnant which makes me FULL-TERM! Eeeekk! He could come any day now – although the way I’m feeling I think he’ll make me wait a while still! 3 weeks until my actual due date…scary!

Now this is going to be a TOO MUCH INFORMATION blog post but as I mentioned in my first blog post – I’m a very honest person and I tell it how it is, so I’m going to tell you about my AM I IN LABOUR? moment I had at the weekend! Well, it was Friday night and I was craving Diet Coke…yes I know it’s not healthy but I craved it…I wanted it…I drank it…so before anyone starts commenting saying I shouldn’t be drinking things like this…well…I’ve had runny eggs, pate and smoked salmon whilst pregnant and me and the baby are fine…happy and healthy and I think half of the time you can be overly cautious!

Anyway, I was lying in bed feeling a bit gassy (obviously down to the bubbles) and I started to feel sick…I didn’t feel very well at all and my stomach felt tight. So my husband Liam helped me up to the loo – I didn’t know if I needed to be sick or wee so I sat on the toilet and I was sick on the floor – only a little bit and I’m sure it was down to the heartburn as I’ve been suffering with it quite a lot lately BUT I started getting cramps…obviously the Diet Coke mustn’t have helped!

I really thought this is it…he’s ready to arrive…sh*t…my life is about to change completely…then it turns out I actually needed the toilet for a number 2 and it was bad! Sorry if this is making you feel queasy or sick but imagine how I felt haha! There’s my husband standing there right in front of me whilst I’m sat on the loo with sick on the floor in front of me! LUSH! I think any lust for me went completely out of the window – imagine what it’s going to be like when I’m in labour…will he even fancy me after all of this!?!?

Bless Liam though, he ran me a bath and googled it (you should never google really) but on a forum (quite an old one) some people were saying it could be the start of labour as you tend to get the ‘runs’ just before labour as you’re having a clear-out? I’m not sure what it was – it might have been the Diet Coke but it definitely wasn’t labour…BUT it really got me and Liam super excited but also even more anxious that it could happen at anytime…now with every cramp, kick or gassy bubbles I’m wondering ‘is it happening?’…’is he coming?’ – this waiting game is awful…especially when you’re so desperate to meet your baby boy! It’s made me realise though – when he’s ready to come out…he’ll come out so I’m not going to have those hot curries to try and push it…I’m ready when he is.

On another note, I finally had my health visit yesterday to my home address and I got to properly meet the lady who will be looking after me when I’ve had the baby – definitely pleased with who I’ve got – she’s lovely! I did feel really nervous – as though I was getting interviewed but found her really pleasant. Some of the questions that were asked were quite personal but once I start talking…everything comes out anyway because I’m like that – literally an open book. There were questions like ‘are you being domestically abused?’…have you suffered with depression?…and questions about how I was brought up…was there any favouritism between siblings…etc. I felt a little taken aback by some of the questions – it wasn’t what I expected, to be honest I didn’t know what to expect! She explained why she has to ask questions like this and I totally understand now – it’s awful what can happen behind closed doors…I’m really lucky…I have a huge support network – my husband is fantastic and can actually see him being the best dad ever but there are people out there who do need the help…

She also looked upstairs where the baby will be sleeping as this is now a requirement because of previous cases – again I totally understood why and I actually think it’s a good idea! You don’t really know the conditions of some people’s houses upstairs and when a baby is concerned it’s important to know the baby will be safe…

Actually looking forward to the next health visit and I guess my house won’t be as clean as it was yesterday as there will be a baby there!!

Anyway…the countdown is officially here…




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