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Why a Modern Day Mum?

Welcome to my blog! My name is Michelle Sherriff. I’m 30 years old and currently 36 weeks pregnant. This is totally going to sound cheesy but I’m married to my soul mate (4 years) and we’re having our first baby boy together! I met my husband on a holiday 10 years ago that I wasn’t actually meant to go on – it was a very last minute thing and I met him on the first day – we were in the same hotel with exact same flights…we’ve been together ever since.

There’s so many “mummy blogs” and “eco-mums” out there out there with so many opinions on how to bring a baby up etc. that I nearly stopped myself from writing a blog but this is different…I’m different…and I wanted to start my blog for ME to read back on in X many years time as part of a hobby but also to make me feel like I’ve accomplished something different to my family as they are very old fashioned and kind of stuck in their ways! I also want to prove a point that I can still socialise (obviously to a limit) and be an amazing mum at the same time! Yes, I might get some negative comments in the future because I am a very opinionated person and some mums may not agree with my methods but I say each to their own – if you don’t like it…don’t read it!

All the way throughout my pregnancy I’ve had friends, colleagues and family members (even strangers) give me their opinions on how to bring up a baby…I’ve had lectures on breast-feeding, self-soothing, play groups etc. and it’s actually made me want to do things myself – in my own way. I appreciate the advice but it’s crazy how pressurising people can be when giving their opinions! I’m a member of some groups on Facebook – one of which being ‘Baby, Bump and Me’ which I actually find really interesting and a good way to get answers to questions, however there’s a lot of mums in the group that like to give their opinion, pull other mums apart and really push their views in an unreasonable way…which is another reason why I’ve set out to write this blog!

This blog isn’t going to be just about my experiences of being a first-time mum…it’s also going to be about my socialising, getting myself back in shape (since I’ve gained 3 stone since falling pregnant), my struggles, insecurities (which I currently have a lot of due to the baby weight gain), career and trying new things…

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Chelle 🙂 x

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